Mental health therapy where your spirituality is welcome.

Lindsay Valley, LCSW sitting on a chair

Often when we want ourselves to change, there is a really good survival strategy going on that has been doing its job for quite a long time.

I love (gently) getting to the nitty gritty of the present moment, at your pace, to witness your story with you so that you may be better able to make conscious decisions on how to move forward (deciding what to take with you & what to leave behind) as your most authentic self.

Lindsay Valley, LCSW sitting by wall

I would describe my style as intuitive, integrative, holistic, compassionate, practical & present.

I love to combine psychotherapy theories & strategies with pre-colonial tools of astrology (personal astrological signs, planets, & the birth chart) & tarot. I am spiritually informed, pagan & astrologically informed.

Lindsay Valley, LCSW looking into the distance

Lindsay Valley, LCSW (she/her)

Sagittarius Sun / Cancer Moon / Pisces Rising

I've extensively worked, held space, with adults (18 & older) who've experienced complex trauma. I understand regulating when you've experienced complex trauma feels impossible at times. I believe regulation work is full system (brain, body, mind/ heart/spirit) & takes place over the many settings (home, public) & planes of your life: physical, psychological, behavioral, social/ relational, & spiritual.

However, it's important to know you don't have to extensively “dig up” your past in order to transform or make changes in the present. Your story is always here with you & you are the author. I am happy to sit with you & help you sort through what's what so you're better able to move forward with a renewed sense of agency & understanding for yourself, your story, & your relationships.

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Lindsay Valley, LCSW
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