Trauma Healing in Adults: Family Gatherings

Hi there,

I posted on Instagram a common trauma healing theme I notice, that I've also experienced myself: staying grounded & authentic during family gatherings.

Family is a particularly strong theme (again, myself included) for the women & femmes I tend to work with. They often still value family or love family or want to participate in family- but it is frustrating and disheartening at times to witness ourselves act outside of our values or outside of our authentic selves.

I hope the following may be helpful if not encouraging...

Trauma Healing Theme: Compassion During Family Gatherings

If you will or have been partaking in family gatherings this season, be compassionate with yourself if you find it difficult to lead/ be in/ embody your authentic self.

It’s not always conducive to survival to be in our most authentic selves. This is why we developed those survival strategies in the first place.

Chances are you developed these strategies among family of origin, & if you’ll be partaking in family gatherings, it’s no wonder you may notice old strategies want to come to the forefront.

Trauma Healing Theme: It's Not Just You, We Respond To Our Environments

It may also be helpful to remember- it’s not just you & your stuff at play. We respond to our environments.

Other people/ family & their stuff will also be present in the environment.

We react/ bounce off of/ play off of/ interact with each other, our environments & the vibes in the room.

Which we don’t always have control over.

Trauma Healing Theme: Do Your Best

Just do your best <3
& get some air if you have to

Hope this was helpful ✨