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I posted on Instagram a reel on a common trauma healing theme I notice, one that I've experienced myself, it's the anxiety or fear around: "Am I integrated enough?" or "Am I healed enough?"

Trauma Healing Theme: the anxiety or fear around being integrated or healed enough

There comes a time in complex trauma healing in adults where this anxiety or fear or even doubt emerges "am I healed enough?" or "am I integrated enough?"

It's pretty common but often tricky or difficult to put words to- because it arises from an awareness of our own awareness, we're thinking about, and putting a judgement, on our internal processes we notice.

This anxiety, I think arises in part due to witnessing the different aspects of ourselves, seeing the different aspects of our personality fire off in real time.

The anxiety is a part of the trauma healing

It only makes sense, when you think about it: we've been so mindful, we’ve been trying to build that self awareness but in turn it can be jarring or anxiety producing to witness it live or in vivo.

just because you notice different aspects or different parts of yourself, doesnt mean you’re not healed or integrated enough.

Trauma Healing Truth: You are a Multi-facted Human Being

I just want to say the fact is, the truth is, you are a multifaceted human being. There are different aspects to your personality. Different parts, different aspects, will come up in different environments, different contexts, and with different people. And that's all natural.

I'll post a follow up on what can be helpful, how I'm healing from/settling down, the anxiety around "am I healed/ integrated enough."

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