Complex Trauma in Adults: Processing for Values via Instagram 

Complex Trauma in Adults: Processing for Values

As a complex trauma therapist and a human who has pursued complex trauma healing, processing for values is a theme that comes up.

Complex trauma robs us of consciously understanding & knowing our values, because often we were acting out of survival or never felt we had choices.

As an adult, this makes healing confusing.

Not knowing where to turn, which path to walk, just that we want some pain to end.

As adults, we have to process some of our values.

A trusted friend, family member, or pactitioner or therapist can help you do this or you can explore on your own.

It's also not uncommon to find some of our values actually already exist in our life- they may just be hidden under trauma responses, old connections, & associations, or unbalanced.

For example family. Our families may be a large source of stress & even pain, but we may still decide we value family.

With skills & boundaries in place, we may get to enjoy this value rather than continue old patterns and associations with this value.

Hope this was helpful.

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