I work with cycle breakers who want to practice trust, feel less guarded, & more connected to themselves, their voice, & others. Because of their family intergenerational trauma, as kids, they often worked overtime with emotional & physical duties & responsibilities exceeding their capacity as children, so it's no wonder present day as adults it's left them pretty guarded when it comes to relationships and identifying their wants & needs. They are interested in astrology & spirituality & want to incorporate these values & practices into their therapy.

I can help you get un-stuck by (gently) getting to the nitty gritty of what's blocking you & developing a practical plan with practical strategies to get you feeling more authentic, not perfect, to go forward & live the life you want to live. The jumping point is: What patterns have I developed in order to adapt to what I have inherited?

I understand how lonely intergenerational healing can feel. Transformation takes time, dedication, & resources, "as long as it takes, but as efficiently as possible." I am a lifelong learner about cultures, healing, history, & storytelling. I'm happy to explore more in a free video consult. I look forward to hearing from you!

My passion lies in regulation work, the psyche, stories, learning, writing, & reconnecting to pre-colonial healing tools & practices.

Spiritually informed therapy

Spiritually informed therapy means I don’t neglect the spiritual component in trauma work and in the biopsychosocial-spiritual lens of clinical social work, however, I am a mental health therapist in our work together.

The space I hold is pro pre-colonial healing. That means I believe in the healing work non-mental health professionals are doing: traditional/ cultural community healers/practitioners, astrologers, etc. If spirituality is helpful to you, and with your consent, I may point you in the direction of other resources, for your information, if I think they may be helpful.

There are many options on the healing & wellness journey and it all starts with what you believe, where you feel called to go, & the resources available to you.

Spiritually informed therapy encompasses exploring & supporting where you’re at in the spiritual component of wellness and with respect to your culture, values & beliefs. You may want to bring in the practices/beliefs that are important & helpful to your process. You may want to explore or reconnect for the first time or unpack feelings of disconnect.

I am particularly informed in astrology, tarot, paganism, and Mexican-American experiences.  

Complex trauma therapy

What I wish I realized sooner in my own personal healing journey, is that so much of my trauma was inherited.

It started long before me: generations ago in my family & the large oppressive systems we swim in.

I believe trauma healing work is regulation & ego/parts work, & parts work is identity work, & identity work is political.

Regulation work is full system & on-going: biological/ physical, psychological, social, spiritual; individual & relational. It's helpful to look to our past in order to heal & transform in the present, but we have agency & choice on how extensively we want to explore the past. We need to both make sense of, transform, or clear out old stuff as well as make space, learn and implement new stuff in our day to day.

Bottom line, I see my role as a therapist is less about me saying the right thing at the right time and more about making sure you have the skills you need, asking better questions, holding space with you, and making sure you feel resourced enough to tell your own story.

About Lindsay as a human:

I am Mexican American with both Indigenous & settler/ European ancestry. I don't share this to center myself but rather in hopes it may be helpful to you.

When I am not in session, I'm pretty sure I spend most of my waking hours generally thinking about healing & trauma. Other practices & interests include writing, fantasy fiction, re-watching Chef's Table on Netflix, and caring for my two dogs.

My current favorite series: the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black 


Clinical Supervisor 2020-2021

Trauma Therapist working with Adults in Community Mental Health:

2016-2021, Tempe, AZ

chronic & complex trauma, emotion regulation, structured DBT programming, EMDR, crisis stabilization, suicide prevention, community resource navigation, group facilitation, group development, interdisciplinary team clinic environments.

AZ- Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)- LCSW-18611

Structural Dissociation Practicum: Healing the Whole Self by Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC, CPsychol: Pt 1: 1/29/2021, 2/5/2021, Pt 2: 7/23-7/24/2021

EMDR Trained Pt 1 & Pt 2- 2017

Master of Social Work (MSW)- Arizona State University, 2016

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)- Arizona State University