Hi, I'm Lindsay, spiritually informed complex trauma therapist in Phoenix, AZ. I started a telehealth private practice, Luminary Therapy, June 2022.

I mentioned in my stories on Instagram entrepreneurship/ private practice work is teaching me a lesson in taking up space. So here’s a little bit more about me:

My identity & heritage is of both colonized & colonizer; Indigenous & settler ancestry. I don't share this to center myself but rather in hopes it may be helpful to you.

When I am not in session, I'm pretty sure I spend most of my waking hours generally thinking about therapy, healing, & trauma but as the years go by (six years as a complex trauma therapist with adults) I see new layers and flavors and it's about more than "therapy," for me...

To quote Chani Nicholas for Pisces Rising, "as I witness you, I am better able to witness myself." (You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self Acceptance, 2020).

During quarantine 2020 I started learning how to write a young adult fantasy fiction novel. I’ve been gestating on a concept for about as long as that time & I’m currently pursuing a first draft. Wish me luck ✨

Even if it goes nowhere, the process has taught me tremendously about identity, personality, relationships (both internal & external), defense mechanisms, and magic.

My passion lies in regulation work, the ego, stories, writing, & reconnecting to pre-colonial healing tools & practices.

Bottom line, I see more and more my role as a therapist is less about me saying the right thing at the right time and more about asking better questions, holding space with you, and making sure you feel resourced enough to tell your own story.